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Copiers Worldwide, Inc.

Copier/Fax Machine/Printer Supplies:
CWI provides OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and Compatible toners and cartridges, for most makes and models of copiers, fax machines and printers.. The larger companies want you to believe that only their OEM supplies can function in their copiers-not true!

Supply Prices:
Copiers Worldwide purchases supplies at very reasonable prices and passes the savings along to you. Give us a few minutes of your time, to determine your needs, and we'll tell you how much money we can save you on your supplies.

Have no fear about purchasing Compatible supplies. We stand behind every product that we sell, and provide a 100% refund on any toner product that does not perform to our customers' satisfaction. In fact, if our cartridges cause any damage, we will fix the equipment free of charge. Our warranties on supplies exceed even the most generous guarantees in the market..