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Copiers Worldwide, Inc.

Think Differently:
We at Copiers Worldwide ask you to think differently about copiers. You've always been told that "new" is better. That is not always the case. Here are a couple facts to think about before investing in a new copier.

#1 New copiers depreciate, up to 70%, as soon as you receive it. Why pay so much money for a copier that loses that much value? Some would say that "you won't get someone else's problems" with a new copier. At Copiers Worldwide, we back all remanufactured and refurbished copiers with a warranty that beats new unit warranties. Now there is no risk of getting "someone else's problems".

#2 You can save thousands of dollars, by purchasing a remanufactured or refurbished unit. Put that money to work for you elsewhere; maybe back into your business, to increase your bottom line.

Equipment We Offer:
Copiers Worldwide provides new, remanufactured, refurbished, used & as-is analog and digital copiers. We only sell top-line, proven equipment, by brand name suppliers.

We find the quality of machines, from the brand name suppliers, are all just as dependable. They provide the basic functions for you, and are quality built. With that said, we suggest you focus on how you want your copier to perform, as opposed to purchasing a copier just for the brand name. "Brand X" will work just as well as "Brand Z"!

What is the difference between copiers?:
A "NEW" copier is just what it is; new. It's straight from the manufacturer; never been used before. If you feel you need a new copier, we'll be more than happy to help you get one. We're here for you, and after discussing your needs, we'll do what you feel is the best decision for your business.
A "REMANUFACTURED" copier, has been disassembled and rebuilt, with any and all new parts necessary. These units will function just like a new unit, only costing a lot less. Don't forget our warranties!
A "REFURBISHED" copier has been cleaned and serviced, making sure that it's in good operating condition. It's ready to copy as soon as you receive it. Again, remember we stand behind all these units, so you can rest assured that your unit will perform..
A "USED" or "AS-IS" copier has been checked over, and any necessary repairs were performed. These units are backed by a 30 day warranty and are the least expensive, usually for those trying to save money.

Copier Warranties:
 New Unit-90 day warranty
 Remanufactured Unit-1 year warranty
 Refurbished Unit-180 day warranty
 Used & As Is Units-30 day warranty

 All warranties include parts and labor!

Copier Survey:
If you're thinking about purchasing a copier, please fill out our Copier Survey, so we can prepare a written proposal on cost and features.