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Copiers Worldwide, Inc.

Service Goals:
Our goals at Copiers Worldwide is to increase your equipments longevity and to maximize the value of every copier we sell and service. Only by prolonging the useful life of your equipment can you truly attain substantial savings. We work to extend the life of your current copier, by an additional two to three years. This helps add profit to your bottom line.

We provide FREE ESTIMATES on time and materials, to restore your equipment to proper working condition. CWI can repair units that most competitors walk away from. This will save you thousands of dollars over the price of a new unit.

Service Contracts:
CWI offers competitively priced service contracts with pricing based on the type of unit, average annual volume, and in some cases, the cost of supplies. Due, in part to our low overhead, we can offer service contracts for far less than our competitors. If we can't offer you the best deal, we'll find someone who can! We're that confident. We offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual contract terms. Some contracts even include drum, toner and developer costs.

Charge Calls::
If it's not feasible to be on a service contract we can always provide service on a "need" basis. Our prices range from $75 to $120 for these type of service calls. These calls provide 1 hour of cleaning and diagnostics; parts are not included.

CWI Technicians:
We analyze your copier volume to understand the way your copier is used during peak periods, so we can recommend the appropriate copier solutions and maintenance. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff of technicians provides fast and accurate service to you and your equipment. They've been maintaining copiers for up to 17 years, fixing current technical problems and teaching clients how to decrease the chances of future malfunction.

Service Call Request Forms:
Existing customers can use our easy Service Request Form, to fill out, print and fax to us.